Who are C&M

C&M Waste Management Ltd are waste industry professionals with more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

We provide cost effective, one stop solutions for all your waste related headaches. We assess the problem, figure out the strategy and source the materials required to implement the solution.

Then we implement it, managing the project and updating the client as we go. In short, we take care of your waste…

Did you know?

The world of waste management is an unpredictable one where we never really know what we might be asked to deal with next.

In our time, we have been asked to dispose of everything from a significant amount of guano to a dead whale.

Here we discuss some of our strangest jobs and share some of the most fascinating facts from this extraordinary industry…


At C&M, we understand how important effective recycling is and we endeavour to take care of all your recycling needs.

This means that not only do we ensure that you minimise your waste, meet your legal obligations and lessen the impact of your waste on the environment, but we also streamline your recycling processes and ultimately save you money…

Waste Management

C&M’s commitment to zero landfill means that not only do our waste management initiatives result in cost savings, improved recycling rates and optimised energy recovery, but they also make sure that every different type of waste material ends up at its ideal destination.

To do this, our waste management is reverse engineered, which means we begin with the end destination, then figure out how to make it happen…

Hazardous Waste

C&M manage all kinds of hazardous waste material all across the UK, using specialist equipment to collect it safely and efficiently, then transporting it in the most environmentally friendly way to be recycled, reprocessed or treated.

We work closely with a number of specialist companies to ensure we provide an exhaustive range of hazardous waste collections and a one-stop shop for all of your waste management needs…

The Total Package

C&M is a one-stop waste solutions service provider that can take care of all of your waste management needs.

We start from scratch, assessing the problem at your property or premises, figuring out the specific solution your problem needs and sourcing the materials required to get the problem fixed. Then we implement the solution, managing the project from start to finish and making sure the client is always happy…

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